Seriously, last webpage was lit, so lit that I never cared to take any local backup. And, recently I devoted my time in finding time complexities of different algos, learning about data structures, basically all dope things of CS, which any how doesn't add a single penny to my bank account. And this lead to blocking my server due to unpaid bills. So, I've to design all over again...

But, till then, deal with this site from 1998. (CSS? What's this? is it from future?)

On 30th March (i hope 2019), internet will meet a cool website. Till then, let internet be a bit hotter!

Besides the site, there are four other very predictable places you can find me on the internet, where I'm pretty sure I'm also unannoying:

  • Facebook (didn't remember last time I open)
  • Instagram (my iPhone X water damaged early this year, and since then I hate web version of Instagram.)
  • Linkedin (prefect place to find my old, unupdated CV)
  • And,

  • This( basically, contact me here, if you want a reply)
  • (I'm already booked till June 2019. So, better if you schedule your order/ project after that.)

    P.S. Since, I've nothing to offer you at this moment, on my website (because I am busy in solving various time complexities and TOC problems, and desiging compilers) here something, I found cool on internet. But the problem is that there are a bunch of different kinds of posts, and I don't know what mood you're in. So click on whichever one best matches your current mood:

  • I’m in an intense, learn-y mood.
  • I’m in a philosophical, self-improving mood.
  • I’m in a giggly mood.
  • I’m in a cry-y mood.
  • I’m in a super-into-Elon-Musk mood.
  • And,

  • My mood is not listed here! (Go, get out there, smoke Marijuana, and get into 'Super Elon Musk' mood and then click on above link.)
  • If you still want to explore more about stuff I do, click here!

    1998 © No rights reserved! Feel free to do whatever you want to do! Never belive in mythological terms like copyrights & piracy. Everything is legal as long as Elon Musk continues to shot rockets to Mars by smoking illegal Marijunna! :)